Why Quest

We are providing tuition in all subjects for Grade 1 to 12. Our step-by-step and non-judgmental approach has and continues to help many students in the process of conquering their fear and obstacles to get better grades and retain more knowledge.

“Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.” ― Plato

* Competent & experienced teachers

* Spacious and well equipped class rooms

* Weekdays evening and weekend classes

* Small class size, students get individual attention

* Convenient location in the heart of Mississauga


The mission of the Quest Tuition Center is to empower the students in taking responsibility for their own learning. We believe that to become successful learners, students should master the subject matter, gain an understanding of the content, and establish goals for themselves to accomplish tasks related to the content. In order to achieve goals, one must acquire relevant academic skills. Quest Tuition Center emphasizes the importance of developing academic skills needed in pursuance of becoming independent learners.  This is achieved through:

1. Promoting Independent Learning: The tutor works with the student to recognize their own potential and to help them improve skills they need to function more effectively in a demanding environment.

2. Personalizing Instructions: The tutor provides additional worksheets to improve their learning strategies and strengthen their academic skills in completing assignments.

3. Providing insights into Learning & Learning Processes: Students learn to develop policies, practices, activities, and assignments that holds them responsible for learning-related tasks. This will empower students to acquire decision-making skills which will further motivate them to take on more responsibilities essential for learning.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the tutoring program at Quest Tuition Center is to provide academic support service to the students through academically qualified tutors. Students will be provided with additional academic resources to aid their understanding of the material. Quest offers tutoring sessions for math, science, english, and social studies. An assessment of student’s strengths and weaknesses shall be conducted, and the students will be placed with a tutor accordingly.

Our Structure

The Quest Tuition Center is comprised of a coordinator that establishes oversee and takes on the responsibility for the overall running of the tutoring program along with ensuring that all members adhere to the constitution and agreements. Furthermore, the coordinator reviews tutor applications, provides training to them, and matches students with a suitable tutors.

QUEST provides individualized lessons and specialized attention to meet the needs of the students.

Tutoring Sessions

Competent and experienced tutors shall provide one-on-one tutoring, create tracking system for students’ tasks and homework, and follow up with parents on a monthly basis in regards to the students’ achievements. Tutors will involve students in setting their own learning goals. Students will be provided with guidance that encourages self-monitoring of their own understanding of the content.


The coordinator of the Quest Tuition Center remains in contact with the AlManarat teachers on a weekly basis to prepare relevant worksheets for the tutoring sessions. Through the regular collaboration across all of the AlManarat staff, allows Quest Tuition Center to provide high quality programming that achieves results for students of all grades.

Tutor Training and Resources

All tutors are provided with valuable training to help prepare them to work with a variety of students on a broad range of topics. For students that are struggling with standard worksheets and other traditional learning methods, Quest Tuition Center will provide online resources that includes visually stimulating tools that will aid the student’s lesson retention.

Our Process


All students are required to register online or in-person and fill out an application form. Upon registration, a monthly fee of $100 must be made to the administrative staff prior to any tutoring sessions. Once registered for the tutoring program, students may drop in the center any time between 3:30pm-6:30pm. Tutors shall be assigned according to grade levels and subjects needed help for.

Students are advised to bring their assignments, class notes, and any other necessary materials related to the course for which they would like tutoring. Students must be clear about what they need guidance on and set achievable goals for themselves.

How QUEST helps?

During the tutoring sessions, the tutor will ask about the student’s goals for the session and the work they have done in class. For example, if a student would like help on a particular assignment, the tutor may ask for the student to describe the assignment. The tutor’s task is to help the student meet their goals for the assignment by using resources collected from their teacher, provide examples, and give practice activities.

Please note, it is not the responsibility of the tutor to correct the student’s work or to complete it for them. Rather, the tutors are to assist in building the student’s skills in achieving their goals for their assignments. The tutors shall provide adequate resources in addition to providing students with in-depth knowledge of the procedures necessary to help students develop a better understanding of subject areas. Tutors are obliged to maintain a private and confidential relationship with each student for their academic performances.


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